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Ocean City, N.J.’s Eddie Shiffler Aims to be Next Lead Singer of Stone Temple Pilots

Alternative Rock legends, Stone Temple Pilots recently completed the first phase of an online audition for a new lead vocalist.  Their original singer, Scott Weiland passed away, but was out of the band for a few years, due to substance abuse issues.  Chester Bennington had filled in as a temporary replacement, but resigned from the group to pursue his original band, Linkin Park.  One of the hopeful candidates for the newly opened position is Ocean City’s own Eddie Shiffler.  Known for his celebrated career as a musician and songwriter throughout the region, Shiffler plans to make a splash in this process and get a face to face opportunity with the band.

Eddie Shiffler tries his hand at rock stardom.

Eddie Shiffler tries his hand at rock stardom.

“I know if I get the chance to perform in the same room as the band, they will have an easy decision to make.”  Shiffler has long been heralded for his dynamic stage performances.  He has been able to captivate audiences with explosive rock shows, as well as enchanting acoustic concerts. Shiffler currently plays with New York City hard rock group, Dogz of Zeus; South Jersey’s favorite underground band, Green Language; and as a solo artist who has produced many albums of folk, blues and rock.

Eddie’s musical career has led him to play with rock n roll greats, such as The Strokes, Rex Brown (Pantera), Joe Lynn Turner (Deep Purple, Rainbow, & Yngwie Malmsteen) Alex Skolnik (Testament & Trans-Siberian Orchestra), Steve Augeri (Journey), Bobby Rondinelli (Black Sabbath, Rainbow, & Blue Oyster Cult) and many others.  With his bands, he has rocked every great club in the nation, from CBGB’s to The Whiskey a-go-go.  He has busked on every street corner of New York City and down in the belly of New Orleans & the tropical strips and squares of Key West.  He also worked as a journalist, concessions manager and event producer, which led him to various encounters with the likes of Paul McCartney, Steven Tyler, Billy Joel, Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett, Roger Daltrey, Dicky Betts, Derek Trucks, Arlo Guthrie and more.  Shiffler is currently GM of Cherry Hill School of Rock.  He has truly been musically blessed.

The submission process for the STP contest ended last week and received over 10,000 applicants.  If Shiffler’s performance ranks in the top 10 percentile, he would have a 1 in 1,000 chance.  Eddie remains optimistic, “It’s better odds than playing the lottery, with the same payout!”  He said with a smile.  Even if the audition was great, the numbers are daunting for anyone to sit and listen to that many renditions.  But if they hear his voice, Shiffler knows they will recognize that he is a signature lead singer.

Aside from Shiffler’s innate ability to front a rock band and sing with great diversity, power and range, he does have one other advantage in the process.  Eddie Shiffler’s greatest skill as a musician is his songwriting talent.  He has written over 300 songs and recorded over 100 of them in various projects.  He has long been known for being a great lyricist and composer of compelling melodies, harmonies and catchy hooks.  “There’s a million great singers, but I feel confident that I am the full package, when it comes to singing, performing, writing and recording.  I feel qualified for the job.”

With experience, talent and presence to usher in a new era for a truly legendary rock band, Shiffler hopes to use this opportunity to fuel the next renaissance in rock music.  “Music has become too safe: too cookie-cutter.  I plan to work with STP to bring back an artform that challenges its audience, empowers, informs and inspires them to see the greatness in life.”  All in all, Shiffler is realistic.  “Optimistically, I have about a 1% chance, and that means, if STP hears me on the right day, they might just call me out for a meeting, which is all I need…  to let them hear my vocal approach in person and see me craft some of their riffs into a new song.”  1%… so you’re saying there’s a chance! Check out Shiffler’s submission here: https://youtu.be/Yz4kkmRZRJw

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