• Sunday , 22 October 2017
Great White Shark Film Comes to Tropicana’s Imax Theater May 27th

Great White Shark Film Comes to Tropicana’s Imax Theater May 27th

Just in time to kick off the summer, Tropicana’s IMAX Theatre presents the film Great White Shark starting Memorial Day Weekend. Check out the details below:

WHAT: Great White Shark an IMAX film
WHERE: Tropicana Atlantic City’s IMAX Theatre
WHEN: May 27th – Early 2018

Great White Shark unravels the mystery of the creature we love to fear—the much maligned, misrepresented and misunderstood great white shark—and goes to the depths of human daring to tell the true story of its role atop the oceanic food chain.

Three years in the making, Great White Shark takes viewers around the world to great white hotspots: the crystal clear waters of Mexico’s legendary Guadalupe Island; newly-discovered shark territory around Stewart Island off the southernmost tip of New Zealand; the bone-chilling waters of South Africa’s “flying” great whites; and finally to the California coast near heavily-populated Los Angeles. The film examines what we know about these incredible animals through the eyes of several people whose lives and work have become inextricably linked to the great white.

Using revolutionary high-speed, digital IMAX cameras in South Africa, filmmakers captured the great white breaching for the first time in 3D. The film is available in 2D and 3D versions.

Tickets to see the Great White Shark 3D at The IMAX® Theatre at Tropicana are $13 and are available to purchase at the IMAX® Box office and on www.ticketmaster.com. Tickets go on sale Monday, May 8. Show time is 12 p.m. daily.

The IMAX® Theatre at Tropicana is located at Brighton and Boardwalk in Atlantic City.  For information on tickets and show times, please visit the website at www.tropicana.net.

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