• Thursday , 23 November 2017

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Whitney Ullman from GoToWhitney.com

Ladies and gentlemen, please meet my sister from another mister, Whitney Ullman. We met a couple years ago at the Cashman & Associates #DOAC media weekend in Atlantic City, N.J. and have been best buddies since. Not only do we believe in the fine art of wearing fashionable glasses, we also found out we have the same energy, ambitions, passions and love affair with food. So it was only natural when the online birth of www.explore-philly.com came to fruition (where publisher Cassie Hepler lives), that her spiritual twin would be in charge of all things New Jersey (where Whitney lives). After all, everyone in the know Goes To Whitney!

The hybrid mix of the two of us conquering both coasts of New Jersey and everything in between (including my grade school crush Bon Jovi), will bring diverse coverage with the same fundamentals from Explore Philly. The passion for food, entertainment, living graciously and exploring the world are permanent parts of both of our personalities. Leave no stone… or seashell unturned is our motto. We hope you enjoy exploring with us as much as we love living it.

Please email Whitney Ullman at whitneyullman@gmail.com and Cassie Hepler at cassiehepler@hotmail.com for all press releases, freelance inquires and more information.

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